Challenges of Chinese Beer

The beer market is a fickle place. Tastes change with the season and fashion is as much a part of the selection process as flavor. But beer behavior is hooked intrinsically to tradition, culture, and myth. It likes its regular place at the bar and distrusts strangers. So even with the rise of craft brews […]

Building Craft Beer Bands When “Craft” Is A Thing Of Mystery

There’s a story that’s often being sold to beer drinkers. On the one hand, you’ve got 800 pound gorillas: the faceless corporate giants who mass-produce tasteless, watery beer by stuffing it with corn and rice and other things that make purists cringe. On the other hand, there’s the artisan: the little guys with an undying commitment to quality and […]

Yard Beer, Manliness and Purchase Decisions

Yard beer, cheap domestics that we’re all very familiar with, is a staple in the American male drinking process.  One of the primary reasons is obvious – it’s cheap.  It does its job quite well.  But cost is only one element in the decision process for beer shopping.  Indeed, there is little about it that […]