Video as a Replacement to the Ethnographer

Video is one of the most important and effective ways of communicating research findings. As such, video is often used to convey participant stories and communicate ethnographic findings. Increasingly, video has become a substitute for note taking and in some case, it has essentially been billed as a cheap, quick alternative to fieldwork. But it […]

Art, Video and Client Acceptance

When we conduct qualitative research it is inevitable that we have clients who choose to dismiss what we have to say.  More accurately, there are people within the organization that have, for a host of reasons, made the decision, consciously and subconsciously, to find any excuse possible to reject the finding.  The question is what […]

So Video Ain’t Science

None of us would claim that sticking a camera in someone’s face doesn’t alter the dynamics or change the behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions we are trying to study.  But I do argue that the use of video in market research and data collection should lead the way in understanding and developing more complete pictures of […]

Four Essential Elements of Recording Participants

Whether we conduct field studies for clients as a consultant, or we are part of a larger an organization, we frequently report data.  We’ve each used different strategies — the executive summary, the dreaded PowerPoint slides — all in an effort to effectively communicate our findings, or to persuade developers, executives, and others, to take […]