Liminality and Shopping: Retail as a Shrine of Shopping

You will not find the term “liminality” in many dictionaries. For instance, at last check it is not in the Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. The Oxford English Dictionary does, however, have an entry for “liminal,” the adjectival form, which it lists as a rare usage: “Of or pertaining to the threshold or […]

Laying Out Fieldwork in Under 10 Steps

DEFINE THE PROBLEM What are the pain points a client has defined? What issues are we trying to better understand. Depending on the project, questions may be very tactical and specific or very strategic and broad. In either case, the first step is to clearly articulate what the overarching goal is. RETHINK THE PROBLEM Once […]

ROI and What Ethnography Brings to the Retail Table.

I had an interesting conversation with the CMO of a large retailer the other day – at the time I didn’t know that he was the CMO, but I did know he was skeptical about what it is that ethnographers bring to growing the bottom line.  So when he asked, “How does your work help […]

Tablets and Retail: If You Build It Will They Come?

Everyone is moving toward incorporating tablets into their larger mobile and digital strategies.  65 percent of Fortune 100 companies plan on it. And whether or not they execute on it in the near-term, the fact that they’re talking about it means something.  But this is a wild new frontier, just as the emergence of the […]