Forgotten Audiences: Women, Mobile, and Gaming

You can find any number of articles online that will trumpet the news that nearly half of the world’s gamers are female. But what does that figure really tell us? What the data often miss is that this side of the gaming world skews considerably older than the male equivalent; the average woman playing video games […]

Segmentation Myths and Ethnography

The simple purpose of market segmentation is to discover meaningful differences among a target audience.  It categorizes and simplifies, giving designers, business strategists, retailers, manufacturers, etc. something they can wrap their heads around when doing their jobs.  Segmentation is a character study in statistical form. Unfortunately, many efforts at segmenting markets result in vague categories […]

Sampling: Why Individuals Don’t Matter

We spend a lot of time talking about samples when talking with our clients.  Samples are constructed differently in ethnography than for focus groups or surveys. Ethnographers sample settings and interactions as much as individual people. The individual is rarely the unit of analysis.  Sample is defined in the social interaction and the contexts in […]

While Buying Beer Today…

I was shopping for beer today after several hours of planting and couldn’t help watching and listening to the people around me. An woman of around 60 was buying a bottle of wine and I noticed she had a tattoo on her all-too-grandmotherly wrist.  A small, pink star.  And then there was the stereotypical suburban […]