Playtime and Innovation, Part 2

In human evolution there are many manifestations about the importance of play, because it’s what enables the individual to discover new approaches to deal with the world. In fact, the most creative individuals often exhibit great playfulness. Many theories suggest that experiences, skills, problem-solving abilities and knowledge needed for serious purposes later in life, are […]

Semiotics and Brand Development

A brand is more than one iconic symbol, it’s a system of interconnected images, actions and signs that create a response in your consumers. While it is often put down to something as simple as logo design (which is anything but simple, in fact), identity and branding work extends beyond the creation of a company […]

Touch It, Design It, Build It

No one operates with just one sense.   This is fairly obvious at the sensory level where the visual, kinesthetic, auditory, tactile, etc. elements of our world come together to produce bio-cognitive responses.  Something soft, round and red will produce a different reaction than one that is hard, square and blue.  Increasingly there is a recognition […]