Politics, Protest, and Branding

It’s not just individuals choosing to make a political statement these days. The list of brands stepping forward to voice their concerns over President Trump’s policies is growing (we can assume some will show support but I have not seen these yet). The act of creative protest is being seen by many brands as an opportunity […]

Purpose, Power, Politics: Barriers to Creative Organizations

Creativity and innovation are always in demand.  Well, to be more accurate, lip service to the ideas of wanting creativity and innovation are always in demand.  The reality is often far different. Most of us recognize the necessity of creative processes at work, regardless of whether we’re taking about strategic planning, insights development, product design. […]

The Smurfs Are Annoying, But Are They Really Evil?

Smurfs, it turns out, are evil in the eyes of the far right.  These cute, cuddly little guys represent everything wrong with America.  Why is that so?  Well, here we have it: All the Smurfs dress alike.  The exception to this is Papa Smurf, with his red clothing and sinister beard.  Not only does he […]

Class Structure and Economic Growth

Class is a controversial issue in the United States, having many competing definitions, models, and even disagreements over its very existence.  It is something we simply do not want to address, preferring to limit the discussion to the myth of meritocracy and the American Dream.  But the truth is that it exists and with each […]