Gen X and Travel Marketing

There’s a fixation with youth. There’s also a fixation with Boomers. But do a little math and it becomes abundantly clear that Gen-Xers, who are currently age 40-54, are naturally the up-and-coming (or recently-there) empty nesters as of 2019. And that spells opportunity. Gen Xers won’t be seniors for another 10 to 15 years. They’re […]

Big Data vs. Insights

Over the last 20 years and the emergence of digital as a central element behind marketing and advertising, the industry had gotten smarter and smarter, creating an expanded set of new metrics: dynamic segmentation modeling, click-through rate, impression share, engagement rates, share of voice, bounce rate, etc. Even with these, it is still very hard […]

Multi-channel marketing and Retail Applications

The other day I was asked “How can retailers leverage loyal shoppers to increase share of wallet across touch points?”  Beyond getting away from consultant-speak, a few thoughts came to mind. Specials and promotions delivered across a range of media is probably the most obvious, but I think that at a more subconscious level, this […]