Context Isn’t Easy or: if you wouldn’t complain to your surgeon about taking her time, don’t complain to your design team

Products are more than they seem. This is true for both marketing and design. Many of us have largely been taught to focus on functional goals and actions, and to be fair there are many good reasons to understand functional needs. Unfortunately, the approach, which is rekindled every few years under a different guise (e.g. […]

Remembering Ethnography

If you want to innovate, you have to look beyond the problem at the world in which that problem exists. Ethnography is about looking at the world as a complex system and understanding what elements you can affect.  If you want to understand the opportunities for your product or service, then you need to think […]

Inductive approach

Anthropology encompasses a holistic view of a person and their environment by blending sociology, linguistics, biology and psychology into a more complete picture. It embraces an inductive approach to understanding and starts from a cultural perspective.  Anthropology is also “comparative” and “cross-cultural”. It is a comparative field in that it examines all societies, ancient and […]