Making Fieldwork Easier and More Productive

Advertisers, marketers and designers have long held the role of creating materials that reflect the lives of customers. Traditionally, this has relied on market research that is gathered in something of a vacuum, or reflects the beliefs and practices of the researcher more than the consumer.  People’s preferences all too often are neatly, if unimaginatively, […]

Taking to the Field: Client Collaboration

Perhaps naively, many ethnographers assumed that we would work in a vacuum when they learned their trade. We’d go into the field – people’s homes, workplaces, and leisure areas – and then report to clients what we learned. However, we soon realize that some clients take us literally when we state ethnography will bring them […]

Reminders When Recording Fieldwork

Capturing everything in the field can be a daunting task. But there are some basic tips that will help make the process smoother: Write notes as soon as possible to avoid information being lost. Capture major themes and broad ideas within 24 hours and share  them with your team. Write down all personal details about […]

Remember Taking Field Notes?

With the universal use of the camcorder in fieldwork, we often seem to forget or downplay a skill that is part and parcel of our toolkit, namely fieldnotes.  And it’s a skill we need to remember to cultivate.  The camera isn’t always an option and being prepared to write and record is extremely important. We […]