Why Anthropology Matters to Fashion and Retail

Fashion is far from frivolous. The location of dress on the borders of the body, facing both inwards and outwards, makes it something decidedly interesting and important. Its capacity to shape the body even as it is detachable from it, its portability and its distribution and consumption have made it a rich medium for studying […]

The Meaning of Style

Human beings have always used their appearance as personal advertising – from the advent of the first tattoo to hairstyles used to designate tribal affiliation to “that little black dress,” visual style and fashion have been used as a sort of personal branding mechanism, a calling card signaling who we are and where we are […]

What Subcultures and Fashion Teach Businesses

Fashion and style are things that we often dismiss as frivolous, but in truth they are foundational to the structure of a society and tell us volumes about the underlying culture, or subculture, of a population.  We often forget that appearances are outward expressions of deeper internal truths.  This is particularly true of subcultures.  Interestingly, […]