Insights in an Age of Emotion

When historians look back on the early years of the 21st century they will note a paradigm shift from the closing years of the Information Age to the dawning of a new age, The Age of Emotion. Now, there are those that would argue that in a period defined by prolonged economic ennui ROI is […]

Just Give Them the Facts and You Won’t Sell a Thing

Marketers and product developers spend a great deal of time talking about why the thing they’re selling matters, why it’s better than the next guy’s thing.  They quote facts and features and minutia to make their point because, as all good business people know, people respond to fact.  Here’s how things would work in a […]

The Dawning of the Age of Emotion

I came across something an old friend and colleague, Josh Baze, wrote a few years back about the growing importance of emotion in branding and retail.  It’s something he and I talked about at the time and is something we continue to talk about today, though we communicate less frequently.  In the article he wrote, […]