Liminality and Shopping: Retail as a Shrine of Shopping

You will not find the term “liminality” in many dictionaries. For instance, at last check it is not in the Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. The Oxford English Dictionary does, however, have an entry for “liminal,” the adjectival form, which it lists as a rare usage: “Of or pertaining to the threshold or […]

Retail Archetypes: IRDC Blog Interview While quotes from blog interviewers grossly oversimplify the ideas and musing we give them, the core idea still comes through.  We will be presenting a new theoretical construct we have been working on at this year’s International Retail Design Conference. Here is the teaser: One of the most intriguing sessions in this year’s program […]

Creating Place in the Retail Setting

The retail space is an extension of the brand, not simply a place to display merchandise. As brands becomes more focused on shopper marketing, the retail space becomes increasingly relevant in how we think about marketing and design. This means that in addition to the consideration put into the initial design of the space, retailers […]