The point of this blog is to talk about using anthropology in a business setting.  It isn’t for anthropologists alone and isn’t meant to be an academic space so much as it is a space for the anthropologically minded, be it a designer, an ethnographer or a business strategist.

Gavin Johnston Specializes in uncovering shopper and consumer insights for strategic cross-channel marketing and design. Gavin has conducted research and strategic development projects for a broad range of clients including Kellogg’s, the Apollo Group, American Funds, Chrysler, Ford, Campbell-Ewald, BBDO, GSK, Kimberly-Clark, Cars.com, MillerCoors Brewing, H&R Block, Thomson Consumer Electronics, LG and Sprint.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Awesome. They told me that jobs like this existed when I graduated from college, but I never found any.
    I’m looking forward with great interest to your thoughts and insights.

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  4. From the brief amount I have read thusfar, let me thank you for the excellently composed remarks and exploration of angles I had never considered before.

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