Upcoming QRCA webinar, May 11th

Presented by Gavin Johnston
May 11, 2012
1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time/GMT -5

What you will learn:
We tend to both develop and promote products and brands with the functional, rational side of our brains. But we are anything but rational – we make sense of the world through signs and symbols. In “Anthropological Analysis: Turning Symbols and Signs Into Revenue” we will cover the basics of semiotics and how the study of symbols and signs can be used to drive success of a product of brand. Drawing from case studies with Gatorade, Miller Lite and Owens Corning, participants will be given real-life examples of how understanding symbol systems can increase revenue and brand equity for their clients.

Gavin Johnston is a principal at People Path, LLC, a research and strategy firm emphasizing ethnographic and anthropological methods. With over fifteen years experience in the US and internationally and advanced degrees in cultural anthropology and HCI, Gavin spearheads incorporating research methods and findings into breakthrough marketing strategies, brand positioning, and retail design. In addition to leading ethnographic fieldwork, Gavin facilitates creative problem-solving sessions to ensure the insights are transformed into great ideas and that those great ideas make money for the client. Gavin has conducted research and strategic development projects for a broad range of clients including Kellogg’s, Ford, Kraft, GSK, Kimberly-Clark, Cars.com, MillerCoors Brewing, H&R Block, Belkin, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Motorola and Sprint.

Gavin gave a popular presentation at the Las Vegas convention.




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