Getting the 7% Retail Sales Bump

I heard an interesting statistic the other day from a retail expert, while driving to a Barnes and Noble to pick up a birthday gift for a friend.  Admittedly, he was quoting statistics right and left, as experts are wont to do, but this one struck me as particularly interesting, not for the number itself […]

Social Media Monitoring, Black Friday and the Why We Buy

There is a wild-west mentality that dominates the corporate conversation about social media. Like the cavalier approach to the internet at the close of the 20th century, strategy appears secondary as we scramble to find meaning behind numbers and attempt to generate capital out of something that is still in its infancy. This approach is […]

Mom, Christmas and Retail

If you’ve ever shopped with a child in tow during the hectic holiday shopping season, you’re no stranger to stress, particularly during the holiday shopping season. But, retailers who apply human biology and the cognitive theory to in-store design could potentially gain a leg up in making moms more comfortable – not to mention more […]

B2B Ethnography and Rethinking the Problem

Understandably, the first question a B2B marketer is going to ask is, “why should I care about ethnography?”  After all, if they are in the business of selling steel to manufacturers, their chief concerns are cost, not color palates. Rather than getting into a lengthy discussion about how subconscious cues impact a marketing campaign and […]

What Does Narrative Convey?

Narrative is a word much used today.  Whether we’re talking about story telling or something more meaningful, it is a potentially marvelous tool, but what do we mean by it and what are the concerns we need to think through when thinking about it?  Narrative, as it is used here and as I’ve written before, […]

Culture, Sample and What Clients NEED to Know

The key point in ethnography is that the unit of analysis is not the individual, but the culture in which people operate.  As such, it is intrinsic to understanding ethnography’s value to comprehend that the study of a culture involves exploring two levels of consciousness and meaning: the explicit and the implicit. Explicit culture is […]

Hire Me: “Selling” Good Ethnography

The term “ethnography” has been used fairly loosely and expectations about the work and final outcomes vary as much as the people calling themselves ethnographers. Businesses have embraced ethnography with mixed reactions and mixed results.  Ethnography has become as much a $10 word for those who feel at ease interviewing people in a “natural” setting […]