To Governor Rick Scott: What Anthropologists Can Do for Florida

First, I am a practicing anthropolo­gist with four patents, working in the private sector, making a substantia­l living. I am far from alone. Intel, Microsoft, Sapient, General Mills and Ford all employ anthropolo­gists. The anthropolo­gy programs at DePaul and Wayne State have a focus on business and design. The US Armed Forces, the CIA and the Foreign service employ anthropolo­gists and in Afghanista­n, Iraq and around the globe — countless lives being saved.

As to the programs themselves­, there isn’t an anthropolo­gy degree program in the country that doesn’t require students taking classes in genetics, statistics and biology. In other words, those “hard” courses engineerin­g and chemistry students take. So the idea of a lack of academic rigor is simply absurd.

But this isn’t about academic rigor or the usefulness of the education gleaned from anthropolo­gy. The problem is that anthropolo­gy asks students to examine the world and the nature of “truth” through a different lens. Anthropolo­gy is inconvenie­nt for the Right, just as it is for the Left. Unfortunat­ely for the likes of Gov. Scott, without these seemingly useless approaches to understand­ing the world, we wouldn’t have a democracy or a republican form of government­. We wouldn’t have had the great leaps forward in thought. Which is precisely what these sorts want. They seek a population that blindly accepts the status quo and doesn’t blink when told the world is only 5000 years old. It is about fostering drones and turning the university into a glorified form of trade
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