The Smurfs Are Annoying, But Are They Really Evil?

Smurfs, it turns out, are evil in the eyes of the far right.  These cute, cuddly little guys represent everything wrong with America.  Why is that so?  Well, here we have it:

  • All the Smurfs dress alike.  The exception to this is Papa Smurf, with his red clothing and sinister beard.  Not only does he look vaguely like Lenin (not the musician, but the Bolshevik), but he dictates to the lowly underlings what jobs they will perform, where they will live, etc.  There is no money, everyone shares and the people do as they are told by a tyrannical state machine exemplified through the party head.  In other words, the Smurfs promote Soviet-style communism.
  • With the exception of the one female in the group, they are all male which means that the creators of the Smurfs are either gay or are all sleeping with the girl.  Or a little bit of both.  Regardless, the logic goes that there are a whole host of sins being pushed to the impressionable minds of our kiddies that will one day leave to lascivious behavior.
  • Perhaps worst of all the Smurfs were not created by God, but are an obscene accident of science and sorcery blended together.

Now, I’ll be the first to say I loathe the Smurfs, but there comes a point at which I have to set my loathing aside and say WTF.  Just because we (meaning the far right) and I can agree on our dislike of these cuddly beasts, it doesn’t mean that their rationale is something we should take seriously.  It is a sad day when something as annoying but basically as innocent as the Smurfs is used to spread such an idiotic agenda.


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