Brand As A Personal Adjective

In the minds of many running businesses, particularly those related to luxury and fashion goods, brand choices are driven by what we make.  Wealth equates to capital. And there is some truth in that, but there is more to capital than Dollars, Euros and Yen.  There is social capital, cultural capital, psychic capital. The general […]

Stats Are B.S. 9 out of 10 Times.

Nowadays, every company and organization within a company has an agenda of some sort and has taken to throwing out statistics, all in an effort to convince naive people into embracing that agenda. Rarely are the statistics meaningful in a holistic sense. Rather they are meant to bolster an opinion that has no real depth […]

The Meaning of Style

Human beings have always used their appearance as personal advertising – from the advent of the first tattoo to hairstyles used to designate tribal affiliation to “that little black dress,” visual style and fashion have been used as a sort of personal branding mechanism, a calling card signaling who we are and where we are […]

Brand Considerations for Emerging Markets

Over the last decade, many multinational brands have rushed in to emerging markets, agog at the potential of billions of new consumers who had been liberated from planned economies and protectionist barriers. Their wealth has generally grown much more impressively than in the US or Europe.  They are the next goldmine.  But it’s not as […]

Chinese Beer, Context and Branding

The beer market is a fickle place. Tastes change with the season and fashion is as much a part of the selection process as flavor.  Even so, experimentation can be limited and people fall back on standards. Beer behavior is hooked on tradition, likes its regular place at the bar and distrusts strangers. Admittedly, with […]

Act Today

We have far-right lunatics running our government. The proposals the Republicans have put forward are cynical ploys and misrepresentations geared to swindle the average American out of everything. The goal is to create a majority population defined by fear, cowardice and exploitation. Take 5 to write these demagogs and raise holy hell about their inability […]

Retail Spatial Design

Spatial design is a relatively new term that emerged about a decade ago and expresses the idea that people, design and environments all connect together is the primary idea behind spatial design. The concept defines the relationship of people to environments through the use and application of design principles and is specifically oriented toward space-location, […]

What Subcultures and Fashion Teach Businesses

Fashion and style are things that we often dismiss as frivolous, but in truth they are foundational to the structure of a society and tell us volumes about the underlying culture, or subculture, of a population.  We often forget that appearances are outward expressions of deeper internal truths.  This is particularly true of subcultures.  Interestingly, […]

Innovation and the Creative Mind

For years businesses have been calling for more and more innovation, creativity and/or enterprise. Particularly in a weak economy where innovation can mean the difference between life and death, the call for creative thinking has grown increasingly strong.  Unfortunately, budgets and a stomach for risk have not followed suit.  But before we even attempt to […]