The Power of Stupidity

As part of a storefront campaign, Diesel blanketed windows to their retail spaces with the caption, “Smart Critiques, Stupid Creates.  Be Stupid.”   Is it cute or an example of playing to our fear of not being part of the elect?  If you’re smart, you are devalued.

Being cool means being stupid, but it also means inclusion.  Interesting paradox when you start to look at the interplay between the idea of creativity as an individual act that has come to represent, symbolically anyway, rejection of the culture at large for membership in a subculture of art.  But that is another issue.  More to the point, Diesel is exploiting the myth that intelligence is a negative.  Science and deep, slow thought represent something potentially more dangerous than the potential dangers brought on by the manifestations of a small mind – the former is paternalistic, the latter is childlike.

We are rapidly becoming a culture of subject over substance and for better or worse, Diesel understands that.  Perhaps they are smarter than they let on.


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