It’s Raining Men

There is an assumption out there that men have very little input when it comes to most household purchases. Yes, they step in when it’s time to buy a big-ticket item, particularly if it’s tied to stereotypically male products, such as cars and computers.  But the fact of the matter is that men are more involved than most surveys would lead us to believe.

Increasingly, married/partnered men are taking on the responsibilities of shopping, be it at the grocery or the home décor store. Gender roles are changing and with that change comes the change in decision making.  This isn’t just for the 3 in 10 single males, it’s for everyone, regardless of gender.  Cultural norms are changing and marketers need to break out of their traditional ways of looking at things and address a broader system of interaction, shopping and marketing.

Stop thinking about men as hunters and you will sell more merchandise. Keep thinking of them in this tired, old cliché and watch an overlooked opportunity pass you by.



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