Art and Science

I recently heard someone talking about the difference between art and science.  While I have no intention of dragging out that tired debate (it’s been done to death), I thought that the lines between the two, based on the description given, were more blurred than this person thought.

  • Science is about fact (until it’s no longer a fact, at which point it is often relegated to humor, unfortunately).
  • Art is about arguing meanings, feelings, and contesting views.
  • Science is about understanding the world, what’s in it, what’s beyond it.
  • Art is about searching within, expanding the world, and determining perceptions.
  • Science is about reason and development.
  • Art is about reason and development.
  • Science is creative.
  • Art is creative.

The debate seems rather pointless.  It isn’t about finding truth, it’s about finding a truth to fit a personal need to make sense of the world.  To validate and justify the self. Perhaps the point.

Published by gavinjohnston67

Take an ex-chef who’s now a full-fledge anthropologist and set him free to conduct qualitative research, ethnography, brand positioning, strategy and sociolinguistics studies and you have Gavin. He is committed to understand design and business problems by looking at them through an anthropological lens. He believes deeply in turning research findings into actionable results that provide solid business strategies and design ideas. It's not an insight until you do something with it. With over 18 years of experience in strategy, research, and communications, he has done research worldwide for a diverse set of clients within retail, legal, banking, automotive, telecommunications, health care and consumer products industries.

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