Art and Science

I recently heard someone talking about the difference between art and science.  While I have no intention of dragging out that tired debate (it’s been done to death), I thought that the lines between the two, based on the description given, were more blurred than this person thought.

  • Science is about fact (until it’s no longer a fact, at which point it is often relegated to humor, unfortunately).
  • Art is about arguing meanings, feelings, and contesting views.
  • Science is about understanding the world, what’s in it, what’s beyond it.
  • Art is about searching within, expanding the world, and determining perceptions.
  • Science is about reason and development.
  • Art is about reason and development.
  • Science is creative.
  • Art is creative.

The debate seems rather pointless.  It isn’t about finding truth, it’s about finding a truth to fit a personal need to make sense of the world.  To validate and justify the self. Perhaps the point.


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