Malbec and Sharpies

My favorite quote of the day: “2 glasses of malbec and the fumes from a dozen sharpies is all I need for analysis.” Maybe it’s over the top (MAYBE), but it still conveys a simple, beautiful point; good thinking doesn’t necessarily come from digging endlessly at the same sore point.  That just open the wound more.  No, good thinking and breakthrough insights usually come when we allow our minds to wonder and to engage in conversation about the IDEA rather than the problem.

Businesses are far too uptight.  They are defined by conservatism and fear. But innovative thinking comes from embracing risk and an open-minded approach to understanding.  Waiting for the object to work its way from the periphery to the center of your vision. Sometimes it’s best to set the power point deck and the spreadsheets and the white boards aside, pour a glass of wine and indulge in the simple acts of conversation and thinking.



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