If you don’t think the experience and the context are the most important thing when it comes to your product or business, you’re a fool.  Increasingly, it’s less about screaming about your low, low prices and more about how you are in relation to a person’s life. Make them love you, make them relish every […]

5 Steps in Brand Development

To develop custom brand and marketing solutions for clients, you need a process.  Often times, we jump in without thinking through the necessary stages: Explore: Through a combination of primary and secondary research, the you need to survey the client’s current situation, including strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in the marketplace as perceived by customers, […]

Data Just Ain’t Enough, Folks

As me emerge slowly from the last recession, retailers are fixating on the “data.” They ask, “How can retailers leverage their in-store customer data for online purchase and preference sharing?” They want t know how in-store data can translate into a greater share of wallet and a greater share of preference? Completely understandable.  The problem […]

Cognitive Biases and Shopping

Watching shoppers navigate a retail environment is often analogous to watching mice scurry about a maze. Each individual shopper¹s needs, response to environmental stimuli, procurement methods and decision-making abilities play out as a continuous large-scale experiment in cognitive function. Instead of wafting the smell of cheese down corridors or administering shocks, however, retailers instead often […]

Conducting a Better Participant Interview

For better or worse, the interview is where we receive a large percentage of your information on subjects or groups. The ability to conduct a successful and insightful interview will determine the depth of information you will be able to collect and the and the validity of that information. KEEP IN MIND: Reading off a […]

How Language Matters in Multi-Cultural Marketing

For the majority of immigrants to a new country, language runs deeply into cultural and personal identities. “Ethnic identity is twin skin to linguistic identity – “I am my language.”  But depending on the context, language  choice signals the relevance of social and political affiliation. From a marketing perspective, it requires an approach that extends […]

Neuromarketing, The Latest, Greatest Answer

Neuromarketing has garnered a great deal of attention over the last year, particularly in the months leading up to the most recent elections in the US. It’s the hot new thing. Indeed, there are some remarkable applications for it as a means of gathering insight into what elements of a marketing or shopping experience trigger […]